Ken Lorber, president, and CEO of The Kitchen International: I am impressed with the staff`s productivity

The Kitchen maintains 75% of regular workflow
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de abril de 2020

Ken Lorber, president and CEO of The Kitchen International, comments that the most challenging process to adapt to the new way of operating in these times of pandemic has been studios, since between 50 and 60% of the actors they work with are doing the recording from their homes, as long as they can maintain the level of quality.

He says that for four weeks, all the personnel of The Kitchen Miami that was able to work from home has done so.

“Of course, being in the production business, there are things that cannot be done from home, but by reducing the density of people at the office (by 75%), only 25% of our usual staff come to the studios” he comments.

For the talents that have to record in studios, Lorber mentioned that they establish an hour between sessions in order to be able to disinfect the recording cabins. Additionally, the offices are cleaned twice a day.

He highlights that they have maintained 75% of their normal workflow which is a tribute to the talent and our staff that has continued doing their job. I am impressed with the staff`s productivity”.

They have observed that many clients are requesting both subtitling and dubbing, which "is marvelous, since it increases the level of business, but I haven´t seen a direct reaction in The Kitchen due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rate continues to be the same: 75% for dubbing and 25% for subtitling”.

He added that they have been able to supply the demand of Brazilian Portuguese from Miami.