Francheska León de la Barra, THEMA America: I am proud to see how Kanal D Drama has evolved as a brand in these five years

THEMA: In the last five years Kanal D Drama has evolved and now has three verticals: linear, SVOD and FAST
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|08 de febrero de 2023

This year Kanal D Drama, an alliance between Kanal D International of Turkey and THEMA, celebrates five years since its launch.

“I am proud to see how Kanal D Drama has evolved as a brand in these five years. We started little by little, with the linear channel, but right now Kanal D Drama has three verticals: the linear, with very good distribution in the US Hispanic market and in Latin America; our SVOD app with which we entered Spain as Kanal D Drama, which is very important to us and it is not a mystery in the industry that all this phenomenon of FAST is what is playing the most right now, and VIVE Kanal D Drama which is available in different regions: the US Hispanic, Latin America and Spain,” mentioned Francheska León de la Barra, director of Marketing and Communications at THEMA America.

León said that THEMA is “super committed” to the Kanal D alliance. “We hope to reach more homes. We are in conversations with distributors who are going through an interesting time to adapt and how best to reach their subscribers. We have always been flexible working with them. Although we have the linear channel with operators, with some we have developed VOD offers for their platforms,” she pointed out.

“We have grown fast in a short time, we have worked very hard to continue offering what people want to see, which are Turkish dramas in Spanish.”