Carlos Rojas Girao, director of Operations, Mediabrands Latin America: It all comes down to working more focused on audiences

Today more than ever being data first has become relevant
Marcela Tedesco|07 de mayo de 2021

With consumers increasingly involved with the digital ecosystem, companies now have a solid database available to guide their advertising strategies.

The digital shares of many companies grew recently from 20% to 60% and up to 80% of only digital investment. In 2020, with people confined to their homes, advertising on public roads lost its effectiveness for a time, and so on radio, which generally accompanies people when they move from one place to another. Broadcast TV remained, but streaming grew the most.

“Much was allocated to digital investment and, in order to differentiate itself, but especially to achieve business results, today more than ever the fact of being data first became relevant. The fact that these shares have increased so much in digital also means the benefit of having available more abundant data, which nowadays is representative of consumption,” said Carlos Rojas Girao, director of Operations, Mediabrands Latin America.

He added that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to working more focused on audiences. “These are no longer the times when we aimed to very broad targets and reach and frequency were important, that was like going out fishing with a net and collecting all kinds of fish, those we wanted and others. Today we work with very segmented audiences, it is underwater fishing with a harpoon that punctually hits the wanted fish. And that is achieved through data that allows us to understand the behaviors of those consumers who are much more on digital platforms and leave traces.”

Rojas emphasized that this trend in order to differentiate and achieve business results has become imperative. “It is also a change in the way of working: no longer orchestrated between the different agencies (creative, digital, media), but with total integration, because if the content is not related with those interests that the data is telling you, it’s probable you do not reach the best results.”