Cecilia Gómez de la Torre about Tondero: It is time for strategic alliances and high-quality co-productions

Tondero unveiled projects and representations
07 de mayo de 2021

With the fortitude and security that success gives, but above all, with the certainty that she is building something transcendent, a satisfied Cecilia Gómez de la Torre was interviewed on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra.

"I am honored to be with a woman leader in our industry, one of the most active and creative, with comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the TV and film business, and one of the most beloved in our community. It is the Italian-Peruvian Cecilia Gómez de la Torre, from her home in Italy, in Rosetto Degli Abruzzi, on the Adriatic coast, two hours from Rome," said Ríchard when he introduced her, noting that almost five year ago she departed from Latina to co-found Tondero Distribution, where she has applied her more than 30 years of experience and which she has now defined as a distribution and business boutique.

She gave concrete examples of representations and fine contents of a specialized shop, such as the representation of the Argentine director Victoria Chaya Miranda. "Richard remembers his name because I think he is going to fly very high; he is extraordinary! He has an ability for thrillers ... Today he just presented us with an erotic series that looks very interesting.”

“We are also representing an incredible documentary about Carlos Cruz Diez, with the participation of the conductor and musician Gustavo Dudamel participated, and the actor Édgar Ramírez. It is a documentary of incredible beauty that we are proud to represent. Its title is ‘Free Color’, directed by Alberto Arvelo, we have just closed the agreement to bring it to platforms,” she said.

"We also have a wonderful film that has been filmed in Venice by the renowned Colombian director Juan Zapata, ‘When in Venice’, a Colombian co-production with Germany and Brazil, because the leading actress is Brazilian. It is a visual beauty! A commercial film, a romantic comedy.”

"We also have a terrific special of Tony Succar, a young Peruvian talent who lives in Miami and who won two important Grammys last year, as the best salsa album and as the best producer of the year. The youngest in the history of the Grammys. This is an extraordinary musical special .”

"I am also beginning to represent writers; I just received an incredible story for a TV series. There are very talented writers who are not so visible, but who have infinite quality and creativity. One of them is Alfonso Maldonado who has an extraordinary series for Spain.”

She also listed several films that have become part of her catalog and an alliance with América TV del Perú to co-produce projects.

“We are not going to stop, I think we always have to be one step ahead and proactive. Despite the covid that has closed movie theaters, we have released films, such as one from Chile that was released in Mexico with great success, Contra el Demonio, and we are to premiere ‘When in Venice’ by Juan Zapata in 8 Latin American countries. Although Peru has closed its cinemas at the moment, there are other Latin American countries that have already opened.”

Regarding Tondero España (Spain), Ceci said: “Tondero Spain has opened two years ago. Now Miki (Miguel Valladares, founder of Tondero) is spending part of his time in Spain, he has practically moved to Spain, because the great series we had are being managed there. We have made important alliances that it will be up to Miki to announce when the time comes. We just finished a few months ago the co-production of La Casa de Caracol, a film with Paz Vega, Javier Rey; and our dear Carlos Alcántara and Norma Martínez, actors very important in Peru. We have large projects in Spain and I believe that when we announce them, and with whom we are doing them, it will give more value to what we are developing. I believe that Spain has opened the door to us in a big way, they have allowed us to share all this strength and all this creativity.”

"This is the time for strategic alliances, high-quality co-productions with potential for exportation, not only in our region but also worldwide.”

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