Ignacio Landeta, CEO of Tribes Media: Launching a weekly TV show about Glitch in Mexico

Tribes Media: Our first multi-format children's platform Pokipol with MZZO will be launched in March in Chile
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de febrero de 2022

Tribes Media, a multi-platform content company owner of the SVODs Glitch, Myst, and Selego, will launch in March its first multi-format children's platform Pokipol in Chile with MZZO, to later expand to Peru and Colombia and eventually to the region.

“Pokipol is our first multi-format platform: video stories, series, audio stories, and games for children 3 -11 years old. It offers high-quality content from Europe and Latin America. We are working to launch Pokipol in the first days of March,” said . He added that this value offer has been extended to other partners who are also interested.

They are also about to launch, but this time in Mexico, another project with a major telco. It is a weekly Glitch TV talk show with artists from around the world and from animation festivals.

Glitch is already in 78 countries in Latin America and Europe, and, according to Landaeta, the SVOD is growing in subscribers in markets such as Spain, France, the US, Mexico, and Chile, among many others.

“We strongly believe that those able to engage with their audiences and work carefully with the content are those that will differentiate from their competitors. We have found many partners in the region with whom we are integrating our platforms, while with others we are developing new products that adapt to their value offer. When we disclose the alliances, we will give details of the products that we are designing and launching” he stated.