Alberto Ciurana, general director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca

TV Azteca: Azteca Uno starts on August 13 a new live programming strategy
02 de agosto de 2018

The change in Azteca Uno to become a channel with live programming 17 hours, will start on August 13, with the launch of a new edition of Exatlón, stated Alberto Ciurana, general director of Content and Distribution at TV Azteca.

Todo un Show, from 12 to 2pm, that started a few months ago, together with decisions such as strengthening Ventaneando and Enamorándonos, are some of the steps aimed at this purpose. In this line, new realizations are expected with the Turkish production company AcunMedya.

Following a request from Benjamín Salinas to take TV Azteca to another level, explained Ciurana, they assessed the audience. The first conclusion, he said, was that fiction was not having an adequate connection.

That is why a first decision was to program premium fiction, with the productions made by Dopamine and allies of TV Azteca, such as Sony and Disney, and eliminate the fiction department in TV Azteca. Fiction will be aired on Azteca Siete, which will additionally be a channel devoted to sports.

"It´s not that we are abandoning fiction altogether, we are simply going to choose our battles to offer better quality fiction that is more aligned with the audience´s taste,” he explained, after mentioning that Rosario Tijeras 3, from Sony, and the launch of María Magdalena—also from Sony together with Dopamine—are coming soon.