Panelists during the Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: New strategies discussion

TVN Media: To take open TV to an OTT SVOD model needs a joint channels effort
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de julio de 2021

Luis Mouynes, CEO of TVN Media de Panamá, considers it is necessary to look for a subscription model (SVOD) for OTT open TV, but to do it, several channels must join in. For now, TVN Media has its TVN Pass platform, which is an OTT under the advertising model.

Mouynes, who participated in the panel “Free-to-air broadcasters going OTT: New strategies”, said they plan to launch an under subscription test using the most demanded content - sports and novels -. “You must be clear about the value proposition. The transactional opportunity depends on how much we can do between several partners, the rest will be AVOD for the moment ", he said.

The panel also included Boris Ramírez, Executive President of SINART; Alejandro Lladó, Digital Director of Medcom and Óscar Alberto Cáceres Vettorazzi, General Director of GO TV (Grupo Opsa).

Cáceres from GO TV also agreed that the opportunity lies in joining forces “because what is coming in the future is strong. Our advertising market has been hard hit.”

Ramírez of Sinart, which is a public entity has a very different business model, they have the same need to be part of all these new transmedia narratives.

Lladó of Medcom commented that his Medcom Go platform is based on an AVOD advertising model and although SVOD draws their attention, he also understands that it cannot be an individual effort. “The user's wallet is finite, so we will be competing with monsters like Netflix, among others. It is a difficult and interesting moment, where we have to be very intelligent with what we bring, to be clear about the value proposition that we create with our content. Doing digital for the sake of doing digital is a mistake," he said.