Laura Pérez, ViacomCBS Networks Americas: Our production capability includes 12 studios and more than 900 hours of original content

ViacomCBS International Studios with more than 43 projects
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|06 de noviembre de 2020

Laura Pérez, general director of ViacomCBS Networks Americas for Northern Latin America, stated that the company's strength is a comprehensive ecosystem that ranges from an AVOD service like Pluto TV, short forms in their digital content studio, content produced in ViacomCBS International Studios and its streaming services.

“Our production capability today includes 12 studios in the entire region and more than 900 hours of original content, a great deal produced in Mexico. To date, ViacomCBS International Studios has more than 43 projects in development and about 25 series, whereas with ViacomCBS Digital Studios they create premium content for all the platforms, genres, and formats, and are expanding their production portfolio to podcasts, animation, and documentaries.

Pérez detailed the options available for their commercial partners and the company`s opening to alliances. "Additionally, we wish to maintain and increase the value of the offer of our channels, we are seeking to boost distribution of our streaming services, in the aim to be able to make new alliances to continue strengthening our digital offer with original and relevant content”.