Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV: Encrucijada (20x60’) co-produced with Yajaira Films and Casablanca, is the most recent VIP 2000 TV project

VIP 2000 TV: Focused on single unit series, a genre that we know how to produce and sell
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de junio de 2021

Encrucijada (20x60’), a single unit series co-produced with Yajaira Films from Mexico, and Casablanca from Brazil, is the most recent VIP 2000 TV project currently being filmed in Guadalajara, Mexico. Denisse Pfeiffer, one of the writers of La Rosa de Guadalupe, is the one who writes the librettos.

“We are concentrating on the single unit series. It is a genre that we know how to produce and sell,” said Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV.

The theme of Encrucijada focuses on those crucial moments in life, where depending on which decision you make, you will go down a good or a bad path. Rotundo explained that they are also making footage for social networks where they show what would have happened if the protagonist made another decision.

She indicated that they are using Mexican talent. The cast is different in each episode. They have already recorded four episodes. Post-production is done by Casablanca in Brazil. Estrella TV will be the first screen in the US and VIP 2000 TV is in negotiations to broadcast it in Latin America. The series will be ready to air in September for those customers who want it as a daily strip.

Another recent project, which is of special interest to Rotundo, is the one-hour documentary We Hear You, which deals with hearing loss. “We did it with the support of The Hearing Loss Association of America, the largest non-profit organization on the subject, to raise awareness. Hearing loss in The Invisible Disability. What we are looking for is that our clients support it and broadcast it, rather than sell it,” she said.

She announced that they are already in advanced conversations with a large pay-TV channel in the region for its broadcasting.

Watch the trailer of Encrucijadas here