Pavel Friedmann, the founding partner at Tango360: We are in a moment that opens up opportunities
Virtual events must be designed as virtual ones
Aliana González, México City|18 de septiembre de 2020

Pavel Friedmann, the founding partner at Tango360, stated in a PRODU webinar that virtual events must be conceived and designed as what they are: virtual, and the same goes for face-to-face ones. “In the case of hybrid events, it is necessary to take into consideration that in a face-to-face event, virtual must be included, because there are different times, such as screen times. The same happens when incorporating in face-to-face encounters lecturers that are in other parts of the world," he said.

He assures we are in a moment that opens up opportunities, consequently, it is necessary to see the glass half-full. "Obviously, nothing replaces face-to-face events, but we can give this type of event an additional opportunity by integrating virtual events," he said.

He explains that digital increases the impact of the event, making it more inclusive and that virtual meetings topple borders. "My gaze is optimistic regarding what is happening, we must be prepared to learn and never cease to do it. A tremendously entertaining world opens up before us, mixing face-to-face events with television, wit streaming, among others," he claimed.
He commented that the tools used today were not designed for events and that now, there are a lot of people working on that, therefore, there will be more changes. "We are writing the story, more than guessing the future," he pointed out.

Finally, he explained the importance of thinking about the user and the client, because not everyone is the same facing the network, "we have different connections and knowledge. What seems very intuitive to someone, isn't the same for another person," he said.
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