Carlos Bardasano, SVP of General Content, W Studios

W Studios is making two to three productions a year
Aliana González|01 de junio de 2018

Carlos Bardasano, SVP of General Content at W Studios, stated that Contracara, the new series for Televisa they are jointly making with Lemon Studios, covers a different topic, esoteric and supernatural, which they had never done before: life after death.

“Leonardo Padrón is writing simply spectacular scripts, the best we have had in our hands,” he stated, after commenting that the shooting will start on June 18 and the series will be ready at the end of the year. The stars of the series are Angelique Boyer and Michel Brown.

He mentioned that W Studios is making two to three productions a year. June 12 they will launch on Univision La Bella y Las Bestias, which they shot last year. And this year, aside from Contracara, they are making El Último Dragón and the second season of La Piloto de Regreso al Cielo. For 2019 they are preparing Juego de Reinas, a story by Andrés López López.

Regarding La Piloto de Regreso al Cielo, that is currently in mid-production, he said: “Everyone believes it has surpassed the first one that was already a great piece.” The director is Rolando Ocampo, and joining the original cast of the first season are Margarita Muñoz, Ilza Ponko, Pablo Quevedo and Juan Vidal, among others. It is being shot in several locations in Mexico and the US, in Durango, Mazatlán, Chicago.

As for Juego de Reinas, he stated it will have 80 episodes and will be shot between Mexico and Colombia.