WB in third place in the ranking of Hispanic agencies

We Believers Wins Two Bronze Lions and 9 Shortlists for Burger King
21 de junio de 2019

The Traffic Jam Whopper by We Believers for Burger King collected two bronze Lions and nine shortlists in the 2019 International Cannes Lions Creativity Festival. On Lion was in Creative Data and the other in Mobile. Three of the shortlists were in the category Outdoor, two in Direct, three in Creative Data and one in Mobile. The company camie in third in the ranking of Hispanic agencies in the festival.

This effort was made for the first time in Mexico City, where people spend several hours in traffic every day. The initiative aims to relieve the frustrations of passengers of big cities through a delivery service that takes Whoppers directly to the door of your car when you are stuck in traffic.

The projects uses real-time traffic data to determine areas that are highly congested and Waze advertising billboards alert drivers to when the delivery service is available for them. The campaign will soon be also implemented in Los Angeles, San Pablo and Shanghái.

“Data helped us in this specific case for the idea to be relevant for people, so it helps generate more consumption and for people to enjoy a Whopper that would have been imposible before the campaign” stated the Co-Founder and CCO of We Believers, Gustavo Lauría.