Jossi Fresco Benaim, Regional Head of Sales, LatAm, Verizon Media Platform and Mirta Romay, CEO and Alejandro Lacalle, CMO, both from Teatrix

We expanded supported on Verizon Media solution
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|03 de noviembre de 2020

The Teatrix platform, which offers local and Broadway plays, dramas, operas, and musicals, has been able to expand in Latin America thanks to the solution offered by Verizon Media.

“Our unique solution to deliver and monetize content in a scalable way has been key for the success of Teatrix,” explains Jossi Fresco Benaim, Regional Head of Sales for Latin America at Verizon Media Platform in the context of the webinar by Dataxis, Teatrix Boom in Latin America. Evolution of OTT Services: Challenges and Opportunities that since 2017 work with that OTT.

“We were created with the intention of growing. We made a leap in 2017 with Verizon Media. We were ready when the pandemic came. We already had the structure, the ecosystem ready,” explains Mirta Romay, CEO of Teatrix.

“Our system is based on paying as you grow. Teatrix´s capability to generate something super innovative in terms of theater on OTT. This does not end here. Stage arts move to a digital format with added values. Our platform has allowed them to concentrate on all the production values and on expansion. All the technical part is supervised by Verizon Media´s platform," adds Fresco.

In its internationalization plan, the platform will start to operate in Mexico next week. "Mexico incorporates Mexican artists and content, filmed with excellent quality. On the smarTV they will have an immersive experience," adds Alejandro Lacalle, CMO of Teatrix.

Teatrix currently offers some 160 theater plays on the platform.

Lacalle explained that 36% of consumption on Teatrix is done 20% on Android and 50% on other devices like smarTV.

With TCC from Uruguay, they have a distribution agreement and would like to do more of this style with other operators.