Julián Gil, presenter and Carlos Mesber from We Love Entertainment

We Love Entertainment: Siéntese Quien Pueda hosted by Julián Gil debuts on UNIMÁS on Monday, August 22 at 7pm
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de julio de 2022

Produced and created by Carlos Mesber and his company We Love Entertainment, Siéntese Quien Pueda, a one-hour live entertainment and reality show, will be released on UNIMÁS screen on Monday, August 22 at 7pm. The show is hosted by the actor and presenter, Julián Gil, represented by Latin Leaders of Alberto Navarro.

Siéntese Quien Pueda is a live entertainment format that will bring together in one show news about celebrities, different opinions and candid discussions between a panel of six journalists, talent, social media experts, and for the first time, the audience at home.

Each week the audience will vote on social media against the most controversial panel member, who will be punished by leaving the studio. He may return, but after fulfilling an important mission: to bring exclusive news.

Those who do not meet the expectations of the task could be suspended or eliminated from the panel. In addition, each week, a guest star will be assigned to the special chair.

“The show has many advantages in terms of benefits for Latin American networks. It is an entertainment reality never seen on TV; it is the first time that a group of panelists compete each week in an entertainment program. And also it's the first time that the audience is able to punish a panelist that they do not like nor agree with, via social networks or the web. The most voted will be eliminated from the set for a week, and in order to return he must find an exclusive news to present on the show. He can come back by the votes of his peers” said Mesber.

“I am happy because I understand the great opportunity that Univisión and Carlos Mesber are giving me. It is a debate, show business, and an entertainment show, in which I will be calling the shots. It's also unique due to its combination of an entertainment and reality program”, Gil pointed out.

It is a show with a very high level of production and great flexibility where all kinds of content from Latin America can be included and where the audiences of the region can also vote, explained Mesber. Also Gil and the panelists can make integrations from the set, with clients from the region. He adds that additionally a celebrity from Latin America can be the star guest of the show each week.

“Our general objective is to work together and team up with the Latin American countries that join the project, so that they can benefit in all ways” he stressed, and explained that, although the client acquires the program as a can, he has all the options to include its essence as a Latin American country. “We want them to be part of it,” he pointed out.

For more information about the show, the contact is Guadalupe D'Agostino, who is in charge of International Distribution.