Maity Interiano from Despierta América, Donna Speciale and Luis Silberwasser, from Univision, during the Q&A

With Televisa-Univision the globalization of PrendeTV will be fast and we will have access to global clients
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de mayo de 2021

About 80 new brands have become clients of Univision this year, said Donna Speciale, president of Advertising Sales and Marketing, within the framework of the Upfront. Speciale noted that 1,500 US national brands have yet to invest in advertising in Spanish to connect with the Hispanic market. A study conducted by Univision and Nielsen on consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands shows that those that do not actively invest in the Hispanic consumer have a 39% lower rate of return than those that do.

During the Q&A session, held after Univisión's virtual Upfront, Speciale commented that once the Televisa-Univision merger is official, the streaming service PrendeTV will quickly go global with access to global clients.

Both Speciale and Luis Silberwasser, president of Univision Networks Group, emphasized the benefits of the Televisa-Univisión merger, which will allow them to have greater control over the content and do many things in branded content. “It will be a great creative company. I look forward to working in that environment,” Silberwasser said.

Speciale also emphasized that Univision is increasing audience targeting.

Silberwasser stressed that they are optimistic both in the growth of online TV and streaming, to which Speciale pointed out that, unlike other media groups, their linear TV properties have not experienced decline and are growing.