Marcelo Tamburri at Turner-WarnerMedia Latin America: Having the projects ready for the moment when they can be produced

Working on having the projects ready
Aliana González, Mexico City|21 de agosto de 2020

Marcelo Tamburri, Fiction Content Development VP at Turner-WarnerMedia Latin America, commented that they are working on having the projects ready for the moment when they can be produced. As for adapting fiction to the COVID issue, he thinks the audience will not want to see this topic, after being prisoners in their homes in negative economic conditions or suffering personal losses due to the death of relatives and friends.

“I would like to take away the romantic undertone off the fact of being locked at home as an element that helps the creativity," he said, after giving the example of a writer who lives in an apartment with five and three-year-old children, with a complex situation for creating. "Additionally, creativity feeds off stimulus and the four walls of a house don`t help very much," he said, after commenting that after having a date that was very soon (the first quarter of 2020) they changed the timetable. "Our production pipeline is readjusting on a daily basis, as long as it is not safe to go out in the street".

Tamburri highlighted the importance of telling stories with realism, so he cannot imagine love stories without kisses and hugs. “This is a new situation that has been generated. We all hope it has a solution or a more logical adaptation."

Finally, he recalled the importance of bearing quality in mind. "Your show competes with a Polish and a Russian one. Platforms have made the world come closer and compete with one another".