Colombian writer Juan Camilo Ferrand

Writer Juan Camilo Ferrand: In 20 years the writing style has changed 100%
01 de febrero de 2019

The Colombian writer Juan Camilo Ferrand spoke with Ríchard Izarra, Editor-in-Chief at PRODU, from his studios in Miami, now that he is celebrating his 20th anniversary creating stories for the industry since he began in Colombia working for Caracol.

Ferrand assured that the writing style has changed 100% with respect to how it was done when he began his career. “Everything has changed: the length of stories, the number of episodes, the topics, the amount of platforms and co-productions that are made today, everything is very different.”

Regarding topics, the interviewee mentioned that since dramas are aimed at increasingly more modern audiences, and less to the “aunts” who like romantic dramas, everything has evolved and there are more global contents being made. “Ten years ago, we began making narcoseries, and they are still on the screen. That was a great rupture with traditional production. The same occurred with the topic of women. She went from being the victim to becoming a heroine in today´s series.”

“The second season of El Rey del Valle for Claro Video is ready, and I am working on a new comedy. I liked working on this genre very much. It is more complex than drama, but also more gratifying to see the result,” said Ferrand.

Currently, Ferrand is developing that comedy series as a personal project, along with a couple of film scripts with his wife.