Mauricio Piccone, Commercial Director, Azteca Estudios, offered Ríchard Izarra a detailed tour of the facilities

Azteca Estudios, the largest and most complete production facilities in Mexico run by a team of champions
07 de julio de 2021

Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional, described Azteca Estudios as the largest, most complete, and with the best comprehensive offer in all of Mexico when she introduced the facilities to the industry in February of this year.

"Come to visit it and see it for yourself, if you want you can arrive by helicopter, and stay in the hotel zone very close to Azteca Estudios," Jasin told Ríchard Izarra of PRODU at the time of the launch interview.

And indeed the invitation was accepted. Ríchard wanted to personally corroborate the strengths of Azteca Estudios and arrived by helicopter, stayed in the El Pedregal hotel zone, very close to the studios, and thoroughly toured the facilities.

He was greeted at the helipad by Patricia Jasin herself. Mauricio Piccone, the commercial director, showed him each of the 12 forums, the scenography, costume, special effects, offices, makeup, hairdressing workshops, dressing rooms -even with showers-, areas to simulate any exterior, bank, VIP lounges, cafes, and restaurants, spa, in short, a whole citadel of production and post-production, including immigration consultants and financial specialists.

He also spoke to "the team of champions, which is always active and does not yield before anything" as Patricia describes her closest executive team. It is made up of Piccone himself, with more than 25 years as an international producer of all kinds of genres; Jorge Gutiérrez, director of Pay-TV; Dulce Ávila, Sales Manager, and Andrés Rico Payá, Marketing Director.

Richard collected everything on video and this is his first installment, in which he confirmed that they are certainly the largest and most complete production facilities in Mexico, ready to make all kinds of audiovisual pieces, from an advertising spot to a feature film or platform TV series.

"I highly recommend it", concludes Ríchard in the video report.

Watch video here