Rosy Ocampo, producer of TelevisaUnivision

Rosy Ocampo from TelevisaUnivision: The success of Vencer lies in its relevant and modern topics
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de octubre de 2022

For Rosy Ocampo, producer of TelevisaUnivision, the success of the Vencer franchise, whose fourth installment, Vencer La Ausencia premieres on Univision in the US on Tuesday the 25th at 8pm, lies in covering relevant and modern topics that are not long (80x60').

“Each chapter is different, deals with a theme, and begins and ends with a reflection. It has a way of recounting that appeals to this demanding audience that doesn't want a linear narrative," said Ocampo. She added that they are already working on the development of the fifth installment with several concepts outlined. “It could be Vencer a la Culpa, Vencer al Prejuicio…”

Of particular relevance to the US Hispanic, Ocampo mentioned issues such as migration and emotional scams in dating apps presented by Vencer a la Ausencia, but also loss, which is a “universal” issue.

Ocampo announced that they are working on a project for ViX +, which starts recording next week and "takes us out of our comfort zone."

“With my production line, what I do is complement Televisa's offer of classic telenovelas. These are updated because they are inspired by everyday life. We do a lot of research to find out what is relevant to the audience both in Mexico and in the US. In that sense, we created this Vencer franchise and we were inspired by the pandemic where we all suffer all kinds of losses. The goal is to offer a hopeful, luminous vision of each of these characters facing loss. We want to show that in the face of any loss we have to move forward,” Ocampo said.

Vencer la Ausencia tells the story of four women from different backgrounds who have a close friendship that is affected when they lose those they love the most in the same accident. After the unfortunate event, they must rebuild their lives and restore the bonds of friendship they had. The other three installments of the Vencer franchise have been Vencer el Miedo, Vencer el Desamor, and Vencer el Pasado.

The starring cast includes Ariadne Diaz, Mayrin Villanueva, David Zepeda, Danilo Carrera, Alejandra Barros, and Alexis Ayala.