Hammudi Al Rahmoun, showrunner and director of Tijuana and Daniel Posada, creator and showrunner

Showrunners Daniel Posada and Hammudi Al Rahmoun: Tijuana is a unique production in Mexico
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|23 de mayo de 2019

Daniel Posada, creator and showrunner, and Hammudi Al Rahmoun, showrunner and director of Tijuana, assured that the series covers a topic and a way of telling it that is unique in Mexico. In their roles, they got involved in the creative process at all the levels, including writing, how to shoot it and in the deep work with the actors.

They both highlighted the level of professionalism and talent there is in Mexico, so more and more stories as important as Tijuana will be seen. "We did something very fresh in Mexico, starting with the rhythm. We are used to everything advancing very fast and what we did is slow, with a dark tone that resembles that of documentaries, with a very real aesthetic," assured Posada.

The director explained that Tijuana is a project by Story House, Univision's extinct premium production arm, the idea of which came up when they where finishing El Chapo, another of their projects: “They sold it to Netflix and they are proposing us to get on that boat. There was a financing process under way and we entered to develop".

Although the platform offers no metrics of the results, Posada mentioned that social networks have been a good thermometer. The exterior shots for Tijuana were made in that city and interior ones in Mexico City, due to budget matters. In all, they had 14 weeks of shooting. The series is already available on Netflix worldwide.