Ángel Zambrano, CEO of StoryA

StoryA: One of our first projects with Río Estudios is the adaptation of the book by the screenwriter Pablo Illanes
Cynthia Plohn|30 de noviembre de 2022

The Chilean production company Río Estudios, which recently announced an agreement with TVN to produce successful remakes of 1990s and 2000s telenovelas, partnered with the accelerator of audiovisual projects StoryA for the management, financing, production and marketing of these telenovelas.

Following market trends, the goal is to develop content in a format of 20 to 60 episodes of one hour each. For these remakes they are negotiating with leading expert script writers in the superseries format.

The projects, which will be announced soon, include thriller, mystery, erotica and adventure. Ángel Zambrano, CEO of StoryA, told PRODU that one of the first projects include the adaptation of a book by renowned author and screenwriter Pablo Illanes, called La mujer Brutal and from TVN’s library of projects.

“We decided to undertake this with Rio Estudios because we believe in their production method and local leadership, which is well suited for these times. We believe that this is a great opportunity to make Chilean products available to the whole world and that its objectives align well with the opportunities we see in the market,” Zambrano told PRODU.

He added that the idea is to take successful productions from the past and turn them into modern series or superseries. StoryA believes that these remakes can be very interesting for the Latin American and global markets because they are engaging. They mentioned as an example the case of the series Pálpito.

Rio Estudios is the leading audiovisual production company in Chile specializing in telenovelas’ production. It is currently producing Amiga Date Cuenta, the first co-production between Chilevisión and Paramount+. Rio Estudios is owned by the producer and actor Pablo Díaz del Río, it has its own recording studios. For more than nine years it has been producing continuously for the main television channels in Chile.

StoryA, whose main partners are Zambrano and the Screen Capital investment fund, aims to identify, develop, package content and commercially connect it in its initial stages to buyers, co-producers and platforms. It stands as a partner, providing strategic and comprehensive business advice.