Dulce Ávila, TV Azteca Internacional: The market is going through a very relevant moment

TV Azteca in PRODU Showcase: We are strongly committed to the audience and to delivering the best content
04 de febrero de 2022

Dulce Ávila, Content Distribution Sales Manager for Mexico and Latin America for TV Azteca Internacional, presented their catalog of new content at NATPE Showcase with Ríchard Izarra; and said that the market is going through a very relevant moment since 2021 was a year of recovery.

"2022 will be a very important year because many projects that have been in the process will bear results," she said, after acknowledging that there are many challenges ahead, the need to meet commitments made to the audience after the pandemic, and, as an industry, delivering the best content.

La Academia, 20 years
“We celebrate 20 years of the first Academia, a very important format for TV Azteca, iconic for the channel. It is a format that has trained great talents, who have closed albums deals, become conductors. Celebrating 2022 with this program is really special," said Ávila. The show will be released this summer and it will come with many surprises. “We are working to broadcast it in different parts of Latin America, not only in Mexico. It is one of the best bets on TV Azteca.”

Lo que la gente cuenta
About this TV series that has been successful for years on the TV Azteca screen, Ávila said that the new season brings even more terror and suspense. “It is a unitary program, very easy to program in a horizontal or vertical way, and this content has created a great sense of ownership by the audience,” she said.

Todos a bailar
This format, currently broadcasted and a TV Azteca original, has the opportunity to travel to several territories because “it brings the family together, which in this time of pandemic is extraordinary, it combines shows and family competition, where children and adults alike share dancing and music. Has magic, costumes, choreography,” she said.

Un día para vivir
Starring María José Magán, it is one of the TV Azteca’s fiction series (60 one-hour units) premieres, where death plays the main role. “I think it is very different from what we find on the market precisely because it has a character as complex as death. Some characters are redeemed and forgiven, but others are not. The audience in Mexico has accepted it in a very important way and we are working on new surprises."

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