AZ TV de Paga: We will have 1,800 hours of original production on our channels in 2015

December 18, 2014

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Fidela Navarro, director of Pay-TV of AZ TV de Paga

AZ TV de Paga –the new brand hat aggregates all of the pay-TV channels of Azteca-, focused in 2014 on technology upgrades for its signals, all of which converted to HD; on the generation of a management system that would allow it, starting next year, to program differently domestically and internationally; and on renewing the portfolio of channels.Additionally, the company is investing in original production for its signals. “In 2015 we’re going to produce about 1,800 hours exclusively for pay-TV, mainly content related to show business, music and lifestyle,” told PRODU Fidela Navarro, director of Pay-TV of AZ TV de Paga. “We’re strongly leveraging young Azteca talent,” she added.Navarro also said the crown jewel this year is AZ Click, a channel for young people that combines music, lifestyle, and show business, spread across 13 original shows.All of the channels in the group are adding new and fresh programming. “We’re also securing the rights to big productions with success in Mexico, so that they have the same results in Latin America. One example is the format La Isla,” she added.La Isla is the Mexican version of the Colombian format El Desafío from Caracol TV.