Camilo Prince and Pablo González, showrunners of Secuestro del Vuelo 601, have signed a creative agreement with Netflix

April 12, 2024

Edison Monroy

Pablo González and Camilo Prince, showrunners, directors, and writers of Secuestro del Vuelo 601

Following the release of Secuestro del Vuelo 601, Netflix announced that they have formalized a creative partnership for the next three years with the showrunners, directors, and writers of the series, Camilo Prince and Pablo González, to continue producing more premium television content with global standards, highlighting local talent and further solidifying Colombia as a production hub in the region.

“We will be exclusive with them for three years, and we are very happy because Netflix has truly been the home that has allowed us to push the boundaries of what could be done. They have believed in us and have allowed us to grow and grow,” said Pablo González to PRODU.

This Colombian duo has worked on the creation of other Netflix productions such as Historia De Un Crimen: Colmenares and El Robo del Siglo, where they have stood out for their meticulous approach and ability to capture the essence of each story they tackle, captivating audiences worldwide.

“The idea over these three years is to be able to do even bigger, more ambitious things, things that really continue to connect and entertain. For us, this is fundamental: we like to tell stories that entertain, that impact, and that say something,” added Camilo Prince.

In addition to showing their interest in creating entertainment that explores current and relevant social and human issues, they also highlighted the goal of continuing to showcase Colombian talent both in front of and behind the camera. According to Prince, “We have great talent in all departments. This is a craft that grows through practice and as long as one has opportunities to practice. Being able to continue doing so means that we can all continue growing together.”

González revealed that they are in the process of exploring these new stories to be told on television, “which is a perfect space to develop our collaboration.”

With this creative agreement, Netflix highlights its commitment to working with Colombian talent and the entertainment industry, as well as continuing to bring local stories to the world.