Cine Estelar and Cine Nostalgia focused on expanding distribution

Maribel Ramos-Weiner| October 31, 2014

Vasallo: Las nuevas plataformas de desarrollo más acelerado son OTT y on demand

For the remainder of 2014 and beginning 2015, Cine Estelar and Cine Nostalgia are focused on expanding their relationships and distribution with U.S. pay-TV affiliates and continue delivering the most relevant Mexican film portfolio in the U.S., a strategy that supports the popularity of the channels Cine Estelar and Cine Nostalgia, ranking them within the top 10 most viewed Spanish-language networks on pay-TV in the U.S. “We keep working closely with our pay-TV affiliates on their needs in order to help them with their acquisition and retention goals. We continue investing in the acquisition of high-caliber movies for the Mexican audience in the U.S. and expanding our HD film library, and we keep producing a variety of movies and short-form documentaries that are fresh and relevant to our viewers and also have pan-Hispanic appeal,” said Carlos Vasallo, president and CEO of Cine Estelar and Cine Nostalgia.Regarding the new platforms, Vasallo says the fastest-moving development corresponds to VOD and OTT platforms through pay-TV affiliates. “Affiliates are undertaking great efforts to keep their subscriber base while adapting to new technologies in order to compete with platforms as Netflix. We must await the development of the standard that the pay-TV affiliates will define,” he added.

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