Cinépolis reinforces +QueCine to welcome new audience niches and continue its commitment to Mexican cinema

April 5, 2024

Aliana González

Miguel Rivera, VP of Content and Programming at Cinépolis, presented the offer during the Upfront, last Wednesday the 20th in Mexico City

For 2024, Cinépolis will offer films that connect with audience niches that do not belong to traditional proposals the theatrical, aiming at fans of Kpop, anime, or religious cinema. In addition, it will release nine Mexican films and premiere the documentary Frida before Amazon Prime does.

“+QueCine is a distribution operation in which we look for films that connect with certain niche audiences,” said Miguel Rivera, VP of Content and Programming of Cinépolis, during the company’s Upfront held in Mexico City last Wednesday the 20th. He added that it is a virtuous circle, in which by offering this niche content and taking care of their fans they hope to create new ones. “We believe that we can evolve positively, and perhaps, tomorrow, we will double the audience we have today.”

Rivera said they are very proud of Cinépolis’ contribution to Mexican cinema and the alternative content they are presenting. “We believe that with the media support, we can make these Mexican films very successful,” he said. “We are convinced that to the extent that Mexican cinema can connect with the audience and has good projects, it will create a virtuous circle where more producers and directors will want their films to go to movie theaters.”

The nine Mexican films are Todas Menos Tú, which was released with great results;  Un Actor Malo, a thriller directed by Jorge Cuchí, with Alfonso Dosal, Fiona Palomo and Gerardo Trejoluna, which premieres on April 9; Correr para Vivir, a thriller directed by Gerardo Dorantes, with Vladimir Rivera, Manuel Cruz, Osvaldo Sánchez and Eligio Méndez, which premieres on April 25; Qué Huevos Sofía, a comedy directed by Carlos Santos, with Giovanna Romo, Priscila Arias, Ricardo Peralta, Sergio Mayer, Yanet García, and Liliana Arriaga that premieres in the last quarter of the year; Entra en mi Vida, a comedy directed by J.M Cravioto, with Paulina Goto, Ximena Sariñana, Hugo Catalán, Lalo Elizarrarás, which premieres on July 11; Corina, directed by Urzula Barba, with Naian González Norvind and Cristo Fernández to be released in the third quarter of 2024; Casi el Paraíso, a thriller directed by Edgar San Juan, with Andrea Arcangeli, Esmeralda Pimentel, Miguel Rodante and Karol Sevilla, based on the novel by Luis Spota, co-production Mexico, Italy, USA, that premieres on September 12; Sujo, a drama directed by Astrid Róndelo and Fernanda Valadez, with Juan Jesús Varela and Alexis Varela that premieres on October 31, and A Cielo Abierto, a thriller directed by Mariana and Santiago Arriaga, with a script by Guillermo Arriaga, starring Theo Goldin, Maximo Hollander, Federica García, Julio César Cedillo, Sergio Mayer Dori, Cecilia Suárez and Manolo Cardona, to be released in the last quarter of the year.

The +QueCine proposal includes concerts (Aespa World Tour in cinemas; Pearl Jam Dark Matter, Suga: D-Day The Movie, of the Kpop genre and which has more than 100 thousand tickets sold, so the date has been extended), anime (Rascal does not dream of), and an eight-part series (The Chosen) targeting religious audiences. It is an attractive proposal since it is the first time a religious series goes to cinemas, which the fourth season will be displayed as follows: chapters 3 and 4 will be on April 4 and 10, and chapters 5 and 6 between April 11 and 17, and chapters 7 and 8, from April 11 to 24. April. It is a series about the life of Jesus, under the direction of Dallas Jenkins, known in the community for creating faith content.

In addition, the documentary Frida premiered in Mexican theaters before it was released on Amazon Prime. “We would love to have more platform films released in theaters with sufficient exclusivity time before they are available on the platform. We believe that with this formula, the films would be more successful once they reach the platform,” said Rivera. Frida, directed by Carla Gutiérrez, is an intimately frank and magical journey through the life, mind, and heart of the iconic artist Frida Kahlo, told for the first time in her own words according to her famous illustrated diary.