Cisneros Media: We are constantly evaluating niches that we can effectively serve with offerings for pay-TV and FAST

April 5, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Carlos Cabrera, VP of Pay-TV Sales at Cisneros Media

For Carlos Cabrera, VP of Pay-TV Sales at Cisneros Media, there will be a constant readjustment in pay-TV, “where players come in and out or change their business model.” This is because the range of options available to consumers “continues to grow and causes demand to atomize.”

Cabrera believes that the market gradually dictates the value assigned to each content and offering. “I don’t think it’s binary, and we’ll see how many offerings coexist in a changing market where content remains the most relevant tribute and will dictate what your business model is and what the new windowing strategy is,” he says.

He noted that currently, depending on the market, they have a differentiated offering of FAST and pay-TV. “We are constantly evaluating niches that can be profitably served. For now, we offer VePlus, Novelisima, MasTalk, and Venevision Internacional. The business model varies depending on the territory and the affiliate’s strategy,” he assures.

Regarding FAST, he pointed out that FAST channels and platforms continue to appear. “It is increasingly a more crowded space, with fewer technological barriers and probably where the supply grows more quickly than demand. However, the challenge remains: how to generate a relevant and profitable FAST channel. We have seen a sustained increase in traffic and consumption of FAST and AVOD channels. However, in Latin America, demand from advertisers must continue to grow for us to see significant improvements in fill rates and CPM,” he concluded.