Content has enormous power to transform society

September 1, 2020

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Evento WICT

With the view that now not only companies but individuals are content creators, as well, and have the capability to transform society to normalize a situation seeking more equality between men and women, as well as eliminate the biases that allow discrimination, the conference titled El Contenido Como Agente de Cambio in the Women Economic Forum, with Fernanda Merodio, president of WICT Mexico; Adriana Franco, VP of WICT México; and Verónica Flores, president of the Creative Circle in Mexico and advisor of WICT Mexico.

“Diversity creates different points of view that enrich productions. Incorporating more women, not only as actresses but in the production team also, offers greater depth to the product. It is proven that companies are more efficient and productive when their teams are more diverse,” said Merodio. For his part, Flores commented that the advertising pieces must also be transformative, and brands are already starting to understand the change that has to take place.

“It is important for us to be clear about what communicates, and to have this clarity from the creation of the idea,” said Flores, after stating that one must be very aware of the opportunity we have as creators to promote change. Adriana Franco recalled the impact contents have on people, mainly when it is children who grow watching those contents. She also mentioned that not only the image of women is relevant, but men’s´ is, too, in order to reflect new masculinities.

Watch the entire conference here