Contents written by women risk being pigeonholed

September 8, 2020

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Contenidos y Convergencia Show 2020

Contents written by women risk being pigeonholed or entering the category of “gender or diversity quota”. Fidela Navarro also explained that Dopamine, a production company made up of 70% women, has been rated as a project that is “too female”.

This reflection took place in the talk Mujeres, Contenidos y Convergencia (Women, Content, and Convergence), at the ConvergenciaShow MX, with the participation of Fernanda Merodio, senior director Distribution at Hemisphere Media Group and president of WICT Women in Media; María Lizárraga, Specialist in Telecommunications, Media and Content; Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine; and Elizabeth Peña, a specialist in Telecommunications and Gender Inclusion.

Merodio commented that we are 60 years away from achieving parity. “The most alarming thing is that in only 15 years, the progress made regarding the participation of women in news media was 6%, to reach 24%,” she said. Navarro commented that, although society is advancing, it is slow. “And it must be taken progressively,” detailed Navarro because when we have gone from one point to another violently, the audience has punished this.

María Lizárraga did not agree with the fact that the progress should be slow, and states the media industry must rush it since the media has a great deal of influence in cultural changes.

Navarro spoke about a project they are trying to sell, “that came out from the bottom of our hearts as women” and which they have been told the audience is not ready to see, although it is a type of content that is already being watched in other territories.