Dark comedy Mi Tío debuts March 25 on Pantaya in the US and Puerto Rico

March 9, 2022

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Mi Tio de Pantaya

Starring José Eduardo Derbez, Ariadne Díaz, and Santiago Beltrán, Mi Tío (My Uncle) is a dark comedy that follows the life of Andy (José Eduardo Derbez), a frustrated musician with a broken heart, who has lost his way and is on the verge of taking his own life. His sister Sam (Ariadne Díaz) prevents the tragedy from happening by asking him to take care of her ten-year-old, Tadeo (Santiago Beltrán), a nerdy, hypochondriacal child, who softens his heart by making an unusual connection with him. Andy and Tadeo will both learn from each other’s very different personalities, to build a friendship and, above all, a true family.

Based on the original BBC series Uncle, produced by Baby Cow, written by Oliver Refson and Lilah Vandenburgh, and distributed by BBC Studios. The six-episode series Mi Tío (My Uncle) is directed by Javier Colinas and Charlie “El Huevo” Barrientos, Aldeni Fraga, and Mao Garcia as screenwriters. The series is produced by Eckehardt von Damm, Sandro Halphen and Roberto Fiesco from Corazón Films, along with Mario Almeida from Pantaya, Iliana Reyes Chávez, Javier Colinas, and Carla Farell.

The cast also includes Eduardo Yañez, Gema Garoa, Michelle González, Mara López, Luis Arrieta and Alfonso Borbolla.

The first two episodes of the series premiere on Friday March 25, followed by two weekly episodes each Friday exclusively on Pantaya in the United States and Puerto Rico, and Prime Video throughout Latin America.

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