DelArt Distribution: We want to be a bridge between Mexican independent producers and big brands of the US Hispanic and LatAm

July 30, 2021

Miryana Márquez

Arturo Chávez de Delart Distribution

For over 11 years Olympusat’s SVP of Hispanic Channels, Arturo Chávez, developed long-standing relationships with large and small producers and distributors of Spanish content, and recently he launched his own company DelArt Distribution in California.

As its main goal, DelArt Distribution aspires to be the link between Mexican independent producers and the big brands of the US, Hispanic and Latin America.

Despite the short time in the market, DelArt Distribution has already closed agreements with several networks: 63 films with Univision’s PrendeTV for its Narco TV channel; Jungo TV; 100 narco films for Pluto TV LatAm; Channel 22 of Los Angeles of Meruelo Media; Bastione Group; Estrella TV, and the Toober platform of Canada.

DelArt Distribution’s current representation catalog covers around 1,500 hours of content including movies, series, documentaries and children’s programming.

The company specializes in the distribution of content in Spanish for the territories of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Latin America and Spain, both for free and pay TV, OTT, AVOD, SVOD and FAST channels.

Among its allies are Screenbright Media; OLA Studios; Netminds.US; VIP 2000 TV; Gussi; Huizar Producciones; from Spain Bendita Films and Kinefon; RMX Studios (San Antonio, Texas); Spanglish Movies; Quechua Films; Arrebol Films; Parlofilms; Pacmar Films, and Sausage Films, to mention a few.

Chávez’s team includes Manny Saldívar, Acquisitions manager, who also worked in Olympusat; and Delhy Sarabia, CTO, responsible for graphic design and technical aspects.