Disney: Monzón was a story we wanted to tell to warn the audience

June 25, 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Leonardo Aranguibel Pablo Bossi Series Mania

Monzón was presented for the first time in Spain, in Conecta Fiction, where Leonardo Aranguibel, leader of General Entertainment Productions at Disney, highlighted all the success this biopic has had, since its launch on Space, as well as the fact that being the only series in Latin America and US Hispanic to participate in the tenth edition of the Festival Series Mania in France, in the section Panorama Internacional, causing a “pleasant impression both for the critics and for the audience”.

The presentation also included Marcelo Tamburri, Fiction Content Development VP at Turner Latin America, who euphorically stated that the launch on Space was amazing. “It obtained ratings that were unthinkable for us, putting a pay TV channel in the third position, when compared to aerial TV channels. We were very proud. It is a great product.”

Being produced by Disney Media Distribution LatAm and Pampa Films with the support of INCAA, he commented that it has been great research and development work.

On behalf of Pampa Films, the producer Agustín Bossi, who was in charge of the everyday details of the production, commented that from the first when they began the development, “Leonardo and Fernando Barbosa were the two great promoters of the project.” He mentioned that the enthusiasm for the project is due to the fact that it is a contradiction in itself. “How a man who was born into poverty managed to become world champion, but without revealing he had a problem in his hands and with a rising life, ended up becoming the first feminicide known in Argentina.·”

Aranguibel concluded mentioning the reason why Disney takes a project such as Monzón, being a story that talks about gender violence, passion crimes. “We feel we have the social responsibility as a company, to tell a story about such a terrible topic that we are all a victim of, especially women. This is what we wanted to tell you.”