Floresta: One of our strengths is working on projects of different sizes

March 9, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Adriana “Dida” Silva, VP & director general of Floresta

One of Floresta’s – the production house of Sony Pictures Television in Brazil – strengths is the ability to work on projects of different sizes. “We believe that we are always developing projects with the opportunity to be premium, can be easier, more cost-effective, and with greater demand for different moments in the market,” said Adriana “Dida” Silva, VP & director general of Floresta.

She added that they focus on unscripted and believe there will be a high demand for commissioned unscripted next year.

Among the different scripted and unscripted projects they are working on is the series Luz for Netflix, which debuted on the 9th, and the next season of Soltos em Salvador that premieres on Prime Video. “In addition to this, we began working on Shark Tank Brazil, which is going into its new season, and new seasons of some of our successful projects, such as Ex on the Beach and Tunnel of Love, which is in its third edition. We are producing the remake – which is more a rereading than a remake – of the hit Dona Beija for Max and working on new titles for future novels and series,” she said.

Another important line of Floresta production is kids and family, with extensive experience, such as the series Bugados for Gloob, which had six seasons. In addition to Luz, Floresta works and develops titles “for this substantial audience and whose demand tends to grow,” she noted.

In addition, the production company is also betting strongly on TV movies. “We are bringing three originals to the market and trying to find strong Sony titles to adapt them to TV movies in Brazil. I think we are at a time when the market is great for TV movies due to time and cost,” he concluded.

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