Goldenbird creates VR experience with the environmental organization Sachamama of Carlos Zegarra

Maribel Ramos-Weiner| October 22, 2021

In My Shoes VR Experience

Carlos Zegarra’s environmental organization Sachamama, with the support of Goldenbird, Jorge Otero and Peter López, designed In my Shoes, a virtual reality (VR) experience to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

“Our organization dedicates a lot to communications, so we make alliances with the media, influencers and companies. Last year we saw the importance of addressing the issue of ocean pollution as part of the 30 by 30 campaign (conserving 30% of the ocean and Earth by 2030). We joined Goldenbird and decided to use VR technology because it has a greater probability of impacting the decision-making of individuals,” explained Zegarra, Executive Director of Sachamama.

In my Shoes aims to highlight Florida’s most important ecosystems, show citizens and local authorities the need to protect them. Production focused in Florida areas where biodiversity is at risk: natural springs, the Everglades, and coral reefs, and the ocean.

“We are going to tell the story of Florida water, using technology, to engage ordinary people and have a deeper conversation. 70% of the state’s water and tourism depend on the Everglades and natural springs,” said Zegarra.

To spread the message, they are working with the influencers and actors, Arap Bethke and María Laura Quintero.

“80% of production is ready, only a couple of days left in the Everglades. We are already in the post-production process. The entire campaign will be anchored in a microsite, where there will be 360-degree video, and the pieces and all the content will be available to the public. It will be launched in mid-November,” he added.

The virtual experience “In my shoes” will be featured in Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.

The VR experience is supported by the Oculus platform. Otero said that they started the project six months ago. Some of the locations included are a Ron Bergeron reserve in the Everglades, Blue Grotto in northern Florida, and coral reefs in the Keys.