Hernán has already driven a discussion

November 26, 2019

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Curro Royo

Curro Royo, showrunner of the series Hernán produced by Dopamine in collaboration with Onza Entertainment for History, said that after the series premiere they have already begun see the first reactions to the show.

“The worst thing that can happen when a series is released is that nobody speaks about it. Hernán has already driven a discussion. We know that we are in a minefield, people have their point of view. But we are delighted and we wanted to be part of this debate,” said Royo.

“The main challenge was to find the initial point of view, from which we were going to tell the story. The interesting thing is that in these 8 episodes the story is told in a kaleidoscopically manner with different characters and Hernán appearing only until the last episode, for me this is something innovative” he added.

History Latin America, Amazon Prime Video and TV Azteca announced for the first time the joint release of the Hernán blockbuster, one of the most ambitious Spanish spoken drama series of television.