High Hill: Offering products focused on the Hispanic audience

February 18, 2014

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

María Elena Useche and Carlos Mesber of High Hill Entertainment

High Hill Entertainment announced its catalog of productions focused on the U.S. Hispanic audience. Carlos Mesber, president, and María Elena Useche, general manager of High Hill Entertainment, celebrated the internationalization of Suelta La Sopa and expressed their commitment to producing quality content.“Suelta La Sopa is a big achievement for the company, but we also have Misterios, an episodic fiction series with famous TV stars; Vidas Famosas, short biographies that highlight the lives of some of the most relevant TV personalities, and Ranking De Las Estrellas,” said Mesber.Useche also listed Vidas, Complot and Money Marker, as some of the shows geared towards the U.S. Hispanic market, “a very particular market that enjoys this kind of product.”She said the company continues to create products that “are well received in this market: Vidas, focused on celebrities, and Ranking De Las Estrellas. We also have two formats that are already in negotiations with a Latin American channel: Complot describes the lives of two editors of a high-end magazine, and Money Marker, a reality show about pole dancing as a competitive sport.”Additionally, Useche said the company plans to produce Sabrosa Pasión Light, covering healthy lifestyles.