HITN: Seeking to diversify our short-format offer for Hispanics

October 29, 2021

Miryana Márquez

Erika Vogt

Erika Vogt, Programming and Acquisitions Director, will be seeking new programming formats for the channel, such as series of big historical events and short duration contents (30 minutes or less).

“We want to advance and introduce new content and refresh the screen. I am extremely thrilled to go to a face-to-face market. It is mandatory to attend markets” she said.

In addition to this new programming for the channel, Vogt will continue seeking content on education, health, natural history and wildlife, as well as community participation and economic independence, that are HITN´s pillars.

“We are seeking to diversify our short format offers for Hispanics. We will take more measures to focus on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, in 2022 that is a mid-term election year, informing the community will be vital” she expressed.

Vogt mentioned, regarding the preschool SVOD Edye, that they are seeking to increase their engagement in the platform´s content. “She also added that they want to be more proactive with diversity and inclusion in this platform, whose audience is much more varied.

“We will diversify Edye offer with games, different activities, an improved Parent´s Guide, podcasts, books, more contents. We want to transform it into a complete preschool service” mentioned Vogt.