JK Media Group finished the production of Mi Vida for Canela Media

January 18, 2023

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Mi vida de JK Media para Canela Media

JK Media Group has finished production on the Mi Vida series featuring A-list talent granting in-depth interviews and first-hand accounts of their lives.

The first six episodes of Mi Vida are available now on Canela.TV and feature Kate del Castillo, Manolo Cardona, Jencarlos Canela, Julián Gil, Roselyn Sánchez and William Levy. Additional episodes this year will also feature Ludwika Paleta, Guy Ecker, Gaby Espino, and Danny Trejo. The fabulous cast was put together by Jessica Caldrello from Casting By.

“We are thrilled to bring our audience five more episodes of Mi Vida featuring some of the biggest names in Latino entertainment telling their own stories,” said Jerry Leo, Chief Content Officer of Canela Media. “These five new episodes of Mi Vida continue to give our audience exclusive access to the celebrities they love, always free on Canela.TV.”

“We are so incredibly proud to have worked with these beloved Latino stars and Canela Media to create this unique and intimate series providing the celebrities a platform to give audiences a firsthand account of their lives,” said Sebastián Jiménez, president of JK Media Group.

Mi Vida is produced by Canela Media in partnership with JK Media Group.