Lemon: ViX is a space where we want to bring more of our creativity

March 9, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Lemon Studios´s Billy Rovzar during the shooting of Un Buen Divorcio

Billy Rovzar debuted as showrunner and scriptwriter of Un Buen Divorcio, which premiered on Vix on March 1st. Rovzar, who created the show, expressed his desire to “do more things” with the platform with which they already have several films projected and with which he “loves to work.”

“I have been at tables with many actors who have worked for ViX, where they bet on ViX’s success and are willing to do things with ViX. It’s not difficult to make things for the platform; ViX hires incredibly talented people. We consider ViX a space where we want to bring our creativity because we know they have great people, including (Vincenzo) Gratteri, whom I have known for many years,” he said.

Un Buen Divorcio is a romantic comedy starring Claudia Álvarez (Rovzar’s wife), Gustavo Egelhaaf, and Esmeralda Pimentel.

Rovzar and Erica Sánchez of Lemon Studios are the executive producers. The series is directed by Alfonso Pineda and written by Billy Rovzar, Alejandra Rodríguez, Andreu Castro, Pato Portillo, and Lisa Carreón.

For Vincenzo Gratteri, Senior VP of Development at ViX, the tone and hybrid structure of Un Buen Divorcio are innovative elements of the series.

“The tone is an innovation we included in this comedy. It is like a salty, sweet, and spicy dish, a metaphor of a mix of drama, melodrama, and comedy, in which you can get something exquisite or not very good or pleasant to eat from the balance of those three flavors. I believe that for ViX and the general offer of Spanish-language platforms, Un Buen Divorcio is more than just original and unique; it has elements in its structure plus a backbone governed by Claudia, Gustavo, and Esmeralda, who are the main drives of the show. It is a hybrid structure because each is a self-conclusive case inspired by real events, which allows a refreshing experience in each episode. I think that the tone mixed with the structure makes Un Buen Divorcio something unique,” he noted.

Rovzar noted that the project involved 200 actors alone and about 500 people. “As we opened a universe in each chapter, the slate of actors was incredible. Top-level actors came to make unbelievable capitular participation, and they responded to the script and the character,” he said.

He highlighted that “no one on this project was below the level of excellence required for it to be completed on time, on budget, and in shape.”

For Rovzar, Un Buen Divorcio was an incredible experience. “I want to continue doing TV and movies too. At some point, I’m going to direct. Poncho Pineda directed the series. I was very close to him; I saw how he did it and loved it.”

He explained that the series is more than his debut. “It is also my debut working with my wife – the actress Claudia Álvarez. It is something you will see, her wonderful magic in her performance; Claudia has never played a character like this in her life. Esmeralda Pimentel masterfully plays the couple’s therapist, and Gustavo Egelhaaf is a wonderful comedy actor who worked together with me in Hasta Que la Boda Nos Separe; we also have Rafael Navarro and Anabel Ferreira. The truth is that we have a dream cast. For me, this series ended up being what I imagined.”

He thanked “the audiovisual gods,” who smiled over him. “From the cast to the sun that rose and set at my mercy to the assistant director, so we could film. We would not have been able to do it if the sun had not set at that exact second or come out at that exact second.”