Marc Anthony will produce with VIS

April 21, 2021

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Behind the Curtain de ViacomCBS

During the talk “Behind the Curtain: A Conversation with Marc Anthony”, in the framework of MIPTV; the musician, composer, and producer was interviewed by JC Acosta, president of ViacomCBS International Studios and Networks Americas.

Anthony has been 30 years in the world of music, where he got involved since his childhood to overcome speech problems, making music his language. During his career, he ventured into various rhythms, including salsa, to which he gave his own imprint.

Before the pandemic, he launched his own content production company, Magnus Studios, which made a long-term agreement with ViacomCBS.

He believes that there are many universal Latino stories worth telling beyond the country and he wants to take those stories out there.

Acosta added that this is a good time for production because people are willing to consume content and language is no longer a barrier.

Anthony mentioned that his company and ViacomCBS are working on two projects: Gloria Quiere Saberlo Todo and Liked.

Gloria Quiere Saberlo Todo is an animated children’s series developed and produced by VIS, Magnus Studios, Juan José Campanella’s Mundoloco Animation Studios, and Laguno Media Inc. It was created by Carla Curiel, Roberto Castro, Felipe Pimiento and Gaston Gorali, and written by Doreen Spicer, Maria Escobedo and Diego Labat. Anthony is the executive producer and music executive producer.

Liked is a comedy about a millennial obsessed with getting the most amount of likes among her followers in each of her posts on social networks. The series is written and directed by the renowned and award-winning director, Gabriela Tagliavini.