Nuestra Visión: We are a Mexican channel for Mexicans in the US

January 25, 2018

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Victor Herrera Nuestravision

Víctor Herrera, CEO of Nuestra Visión, presented the channel that belongs to the Mexican group América Móvil. Nuestra Visión has been aired on open TV in the US since November last year.

“What we have here is a Mexican channel for Mexicans that is already being aired in the US. It is a unique channel in terms of format. And we are currently programming it. It is focused mainly on films, but has an important section on sports news and certain live sports events,” said Herrera.

The programs belong to them entirely, since they have all the rights. They have been acquiring them from networks such as Uno TV, which also belongs to the group and Claro Sports.

“What differentiates us from other networks is the simplicity of our channel. There is a need for an audience because we feel that other networks’ bets are too generic, whereas our target is specific, and there lies the beauty of Nuestra Visión’’ he commented.

“Something we were really impressed with is that we arrived at this Natpe with an almost complete calendar, and, the day before it started, we already held meetings to consolidate alliances” ended Herrera.