Olympusat: Focused on expanding the distribution of our content on pay TV, FAST, AVOD, and open TV

January 24, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Javier Figueras Olympusat Natpe

One of Olympusat’s main objectives this year is to strengthen the distribution of its content on various fronts of the business: pay TV channels, FAST channels, its AVOD streaming platform, Free TV, and a free-to-air TV channel version.

Javier Figueras, new Senior VP of International Distribution at Olympusat, said: “We have so much content now that we must focus on distribution. We have pay TV content, pay TV channels, FAST channels, the streaming platform, and the plan to develop AVOD; we have a lot of AVOD content for our platform and to deliver it to other platforms like ViX, where we already are, on Tubi, on Roku.”

“For us, it is important to continue developing the streaming application, Free TV. That application has FAST channels but also has our library content that is in an AVOD format. For us, it will be crucial to continue the expansion of that content that we are serving,” said Figueras.

He recalled that the platform is in 17 LatAm countries, in the US, Canada, and Europe.

“In the middle of last year, we reached an agreement with another product of Olympusat, a Free TV channel, where we are looking for alliances in LatAm and the US with open channels to create the digital version of that frequency. More and more channels in the region are launching terrestrial digitalization, such as multicast. In this context, we want to reach strategic alliances with open channels to launch our version of Free TV with our brand or white label. We are also going to be very focused on it because it is the way to look for synergies between FreeTV as a channel and Free TV as a streaming platform, where all the non-linear content will be available, the FAST channels of which today we have 11 in Spanish and six in English. It is a mix; they are not 100% thematic channels,” he explained.

Figueras noted that the US Hispanic market is growing a lot, and they think it will be “key” for the company. “Everything is going to be supported in some way by advertising sales, for which we have a team taking care of this.” Pablo Tisera, based in Argentina, leads Advertising Sales at Olympusat. Previously, he managed the Spotify account.

The FAST channels in Spanish they currently have are Top Cine, Cine Real, Tu Cine, Cine Sureño, Cine Clásico, Horrorfy, Saber Más, Juntos, Chiquilines, Flash and MMC.

Their FAST channels in English are Crime Time, Top Cine, Studio 19, Horrorfy, Family Tree, and Mystify.