OnMoveOn Filmes Brazil: Libre para volar is our first documentary film

June 16, 2021

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

André Delacerda de OnMoveOn Filmes

The Brazilian production house, OnMoveOn Filmes, which has been dedicated to corporate, advertising, and documentary short videos for eight years and to TV and film, for three years, is promoting its first documentary film Libre para volar / Livre para Voar, dedicated to the modality of free flight, paragliding.

“The documentary film has already been screened on Claro video’s NOW channel platform and on the BoxBrazilPlay streaming service, in addition to Travel.doc on the Travel BoxBrazil channel,” says André Delacerda, CEO of OnMoveOn Filmes, who is also a member of the direction team of the film. He is also in talks with companies outside of Brazil to place the documentary in other markets.

In about six months they will begin production of a thriller series about a UFO’s case in the Brazilian jungle in the 70s, that tentative title is Operation Plato (OP). In a month, this thriller will be presented to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

They are also working on another documentary film about wind and solar energy. “It is part of a series of six episodes, of half an hour each, dedicated to Brazil, and in a second season to Europe, with cases in Finland and Spain, among others,” Delacerda said.