Palomera Group: We are now an agency that participates in all the platforms and formats

June 10, 2022

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Alejandra Palomera de Palomera Group

As an agency, Palomera Group has expanded to the extent that it currently participates “in all the platforms and formats: cinema, radio, theater, TV, and audio” emphasizes Alejandra Palomera, CEO.

“We are an agency that always looks for new opportunities for our talents. We are proud of the talents we represent, happy with our partnerships, and very satisfied with our path in terms of content development and sales -that have been strong because, as an agency, we specialize in that- it is one of our greatest achievements. We are convinced, more than ever, that constant work brings good results” comments Palomera.

When consulted on the importance of streaming platforms, Palomera expressed that all the platforms that open “are work and exhibition for our talent and we appreciate that a great deal because we have the opportunity to test, prove, and present to the audience different ways of creating characters through the talents we have”.

Palomera listed some of the most recent projects in which the talents they represent have participated. One of them was Lifetime’s Amores Que Engañan, with VIP 2000 TV, Casablanca Brazil, and Yahayra Films from Mexico, in which some of the actors were Marjorie de Sousa, Carlos Ponce, Victor Camara, Marck Tacher, and Lupita Ferrer “who returns to the screens with a spectacular character” she mentioned. She expressed that they were very pleased with this project because it is made by a channel that does not normally make this type of episodic program. “They bet on talents that sell very well, who are renowned internationally,” she said.

She also mentioned a couple of comedy film projects for Corazón Films.

As well as the Telemundo production Malverde, the Patron Saint, where they participate with the Mark Tacher in the antagonist role and Sofía Castro as a youth protagonist.

She highlighted the second American film where the star they represent, the Mexican actress Sofia Castro, participates. The film is by Paramount Pictures. “We are very happy about it because it is Sofia’s second strong American project. That gives us a lot of incentive. She said this cast is completely Anglo-Saxon” she said and recalled that Sofía Castro’s first US project was the film Monster Party with Diego Bonetta.

Other projects mentioned by Palomera were Mujer de Nadie by Giselle González, in which Cynthia Klitbo takes part; the saga of Corona de Lágrimas with Ana Belena, Daniela Álvarez and África Zavala; Amor Dividido by Angelli Nesma Medina, in which the actress Eva Cedeño participates.

Additionally, she highlighted the work of Alejandra Espinoza, who is well known as a presenter on Univision and in the US, “but who is pleasantly surprising the audience with her character, Maricruz, in Amor Guerrero, by Salvador Mejía with Televisa, that is sweeping the audience off its feet”.

Palomera also highlighted the actress Danna García, with whom they are entering Unicable “with their great return with Pasión de Gavilanes II”.