Roku Media: Carpe DM con Juanpa is an example of the convergence between digital content and traditional TV

March 31, 2024

Vanessa Maldonado

David Eilenberg, Head of Content at Roku Media: It's a good moment to support Juanpa and creators like him as they begin to see TV as another screen where they can tell their stories

Roku Original introduced its new production Carpe DM by INE Entertainment and ARCO, starring Juanpa Zurita, who, together with Brenda Tubilla, are executive producers. At an event with special guests in Mexico City, David Eilenberg, Head of Content at Roku Media, spoke with PRODU about the content that unites the digital and traditional worlds.

“I believe the worlds of digital content creators and traditional television are rapidly converging. Therefore, this is a good moment to support Juanpa and creators like him as they begin to see TV as another screen where they can tell their stories,” he commented.

This union between both worlds is what Carpe DM con Juanpa represents, whom Elienberg considered a young man with great talent, and together with Roku, achieved a program that, in narrative terms, feels like the best digital encounter and the best of TV. “It’s been great to support his vision and bring it to life. The idea came from him because he has been doing very crazy and adventurous things, but he wanted to develop it to a full-length format, and this seemed like the perfect time.”

It is a six-episode series with a fast rhythm and fun. “Because its protagonist is hilarious, but the idea is also about trying to achieve a connection and vulnerability with the youngest viewer, an audience with which we have great opportunities.”

He noted that in the short time Roku has been in Mexico, they have achieved rapid growth. “The audience watching the Roku Channel looks for a good laugh. They come to lie down and have a fun experience; this is the spirit of our show. Our goal is to attract new users and consolidate those we already have. That’s part of why we are doing original shows, because every time you do one, especially with a star like him, there is a chance to introduce fans to the rest of what you have to offer.”

Eilenberg highlighted the importance of the Mexican market in terms of audience and in generating original local content. “The Mexican creative community is incredible, and we are simply trying to be here as much as possible to meet the next generation of local creators. This country is a good place to produce TV, plus we need other digital stars in the future.”

In Carpe DM con Juanpa, each adventure starts with something that seems impossible, but with the help of experts around the world and best friends and family, the impossible becomes possible. From riding a rodeo-style bronc horse to trying to master the trapeze, Juanpa will risk everything to achieve a new goal and live a new adventure, no matter how difficult it may seem.