Sabbatical Entertainment opens operations in Brazil

May 17, 2019

Erika Della Giacoma

Sabbatical Brasil

Sabbatical Entertainment, a Miami-based creation, production and distribution company with more than 200 hours of original programming in just over two years, advances globally and opens operations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Its new division, Sabbatical Entertainment Brazil in partnership with local companies, will produce national content in local language for the South American giant.

To kick off the new operation, Sabbatical Entertainment Brazil will produce a Brazilian product that offers an attractive and cost-efficient option to acquire premium quality production that meets local requirements.

“Brazil is a country of more than 200 million inhabitants, one of the 10 most important economies in the world, one of the BRIC countries, and among one of the largest emerging economies. It was only natural for us to capitalize on the opportunities in Brazil and expand throughout the Americas with our original productions tailored to consumers,” said Miguel Somoza, CEO Sabbatical Entertainment.

Sabbatical Entertainment Brazil has a team of professionals made up of Brazilian creative writers, producers, and editors, Sabbatical created the series Brazil, Show Your Face, a group of programs that explore the country from an innovative perspective.

The first four programs of the series Brazil, Show Your Face are as follows: Diversity; Such a Brazilian…; Carnival; and The Colossus of the South.