Shooting begins for Sed de Venganza, the eighth production at Telemundo Center

June 5, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

The cast of Sed de Venganza and executives during the clapper event at Telemundo Center

The eighth production at Telemundo Center in Miami, Sed de Venganza, began recording this Monday the 3rd with the presence of the main cast led by Danilo Carrera and Isabella Castillo in their first leading role with Telemundo as well as members of the production team and executives Ronald Day, president of Entertainment and Chief Content Officer and Javier Pons, new EVP of Telemundo Studios.

“Producing inside our house is a luxury because we have these facilities full of technology. There is an incredible variety: the casting is very varied, of different nationalities, the protagonist is Ecuadorian, the protagonist is Cuban; the directors are from Colombia and Mexico, and the writer Eric Vonn is Guatemalan. You can see the essence of Hispanics and we are sure it will be a success,” Day told PRODU during the clapper event.


The production will have around 60% studio shots and 40% outdoors. “We have the advantage of being in Miami, starting to record with the summer. I imagine that the writers and directors are going to begin to maximize all the beaches, swimming pools, and the beauty of Miami. We are also going to have haciendas and recreate the pools of the Telemundo Center mansion. We are going to see a lot of tanning and a lot of sun and we are going to highlight how Miami is growing a lot in construction, through the parents of the protagonists who own a construction company. It has been a pre-production planning where stylists, customers, and those who make the sets have been very well integrated. It is a great, robust production, and we are sure that in the end, it will be an excellent product,” said Day.

Telemundo Studios' Javier Pons, the lead couple, Danilo Carrera and Isabella Castillo, and Telemundo's Ronald Day

Telemundo Studios’ Javier Pons, the lead couple, Danilo Carrera and Isabella Castillo, and Telemundo’s Ronald Day


Sed de Venganza is the first project that Pons takes on as head of the studios.

“This will be Javier’s first production on Telemundo. He arrived on the right foot because he immediately arrived and began meeting with writers, producers, and studio heads to start getting this started and we didn’t even give him time to rest. Javier is a great acquisition for the company. I am thrilled because, under this new structure, we are going to do incredible things as the viewer deserves,” Day added.

“The best scenario for me was to arrive and be able to start a series. It is the best way to enter the DNA of Telemundo shows, which is what Ronald and the entire team have been working on in recent years, which I join with great desire and enthusiasm,” commented Pons.


Asked about the keys to producing for the US Hispanic audience, Pons indicated: “You have to address the Hispanic audience by connecting with the keys to their daily life: their concerns, joys, dreams, and not from another point of view… We have to accept, approach them in the way they feel most comfortable, and talk to them one-on-one, about the situations that happen here in the United States. It is very important for us that this show is going to be filmed in Miami. We are going to show a bright, vibrant, colorful Miami, also full of rhythm, a city that is growing. I think it’s going to appeal a lot to Hispanics here. There are going to be situations that you will recognize from your day-to-day life. I think that is the key and the challenge that I have to give.”


For the leading couple, Danilo Carrera and Isabella Castillo, working together is “like a dream.” The actors worked many years ago in a production and are friends.

“I am very happy to be in this series, my first leading role, to return to work in this company where I started my career in 2012,” said Carrera.

“I am very happy to be here, with this great history at home, with Telemundo, which is a company that I love and has opened a lot of doors for me. I am grateful for this great opportunity, fascinated with this character that represents a great acting challenge because it is complex, juicy, and with which I know I am going to have a lot of fun filming” concluded Castillo.


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