Sony: We had a fantastic synergy between Mediapro and Claro video in the production of Código Implacable

March 2, 2022

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Ana Bond de Sony en la presentacion de Codigo Impacable

Código Implacable (10×60’), the first co-production between Sony Pictures Television Latin America and The Mediapro Studio, will premiere exclusively on Claro Video in the region this Thursday the 3rd.

The series was presented by Sony in a virtual press conference with the participation of Ana Bond, SVP and managing director of International Production for Latin America and US Hispanic of Sony Pictures Television; Bárbara Albert, Executive Director of Development and Strategy of Sony Pictures Entertainment; Ran Tellem -author of “35 Years and Counting” on which the series is based- and director of International Content Development at Mediapro; Roberto Rosales of Claro Video; Joel Novoa, Director, and the main cast: Paulina Gaitán; Ana Layevska; Pascacio Lopez; William Quintanilla; Marimar Vega and Odysseus Bichir.

Código Implacable is a series with thriller’s elements, but with a lot of humor and humanity through its characters,” said Bond. She thanked The Mediapro Studio for Tellem and Mariano Baselga’s idea, and for the way they adapted this story to the region and landed it in Mexico. She expressed that this collaboration with Mediapro was a fantastic opportunity. “It’s our first co-production and development, and the first time that all three companies worked together, it was a fantastic synergy from the beginning to the end,” she said.

Tellem said that he came up with the story four years ago when he read in the British newspaper, The Guardian, that a rapist had been caught in northern France after 30 years on the loose. He presented the idea to Daniel Burman, director of Content at The Mediapro Studio US, who liked it, and then he pitched it to Bond. Tellem thanked Mediapro for allowing him to create and find the perfect stories; he highlighted the professionalism of Sony and thanked Claro Video for providing a screen for the story, which he hopes will have a second season.

Tellem highlighted that Código Implacable is a story about people and how each generation can contribute, with different perspectives, if they are listened to. With the series, they tried to recreate what a modern procedural show is. “These are the Avengers, each very different from the other. It’s not just about solving the crime, but getting to know the characters,” he pointed out.