Spanglish Movies comes to MIP Cancun with 10 IPs projects

November 9, 2022

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Diego Musiak de Spanglish Movies

Spanglish Movies will be at MIP Cancun – it’s the second time – and will be offering 10 IPs projects in different stages of execution from various genres: non-scripted, animation, musical, science fiction, and action.

Diego Musiak, director of Original Content, said that three years ago they launched the Originals division with the main objective of developing IPs through partnerships with the big players in the market.

With these projects they want to target three different markets: US Hispanic, Latin America, and global (global IPs).

He recalled that Spanglish Movies, which was created for trading Caribbean and US Hispanic movies and series, evolved based on the market need to generate original content. “We bring more than 20 years of experience: Gustavo (Rodríguez Aparicio) in the marketing and commercialization of movies and series and I in the production of different types of content,” Musiak explained.

Their original projects portfolio includes the series Líos de Familia for Pantaya, the film Perfecto Anfitrión (Mexico, Puerto Rico, and USA, 2020-2021), the documentary miniseries Estafados (scammed) for the Argentine government, and the feature film Cenizas al Mar.

Among the IPs that Spanglish Movies brings to MIP Cancun are the non-fiction series Alexa and Joaquín (8×30′ per season) which addresses the transgender issue and gender transformation; the one-hour talk show, Presidentes, hosted by Julián Gil, “is a one-on-one with all the Latin America presidents and former presidents, speaking about their political life, achievements, and traditions,” he pointed out; and the series about the tropical singer Manny Manuel (10×60’, both the biopic and the documentary, part fiction and part non-scripted).

Musiak highlighted the animation project for preschoolers 88 Atrévete a Volar al Infinito, which encompasses a series and a feature film. “It’s a very ambitious project about a pregnant butterfly that lays her eggs in the wrong place, and the caterpillars grow up under the influence of a chameleon,” he described. The project is a co-production between Big Bang (Buenos Aires, Argentine), Gladius Studios (Puerto Rico), and Nelson Company (Canada).

He added that Gladius Studios also has two IPs: Slimies (28×7’) which already has a pilot, and Spooky Stories.

Another project that they will be offering at MIP Cancun is Tiempo de Equipo (Team Time), a 360-degree format (reality, feature film, fiction series, and live shows) that combines the martial arts of a team from the Americas (from Canada to Antarctica). “It’s a mix of Marvel and the UFC,” he said.

Also, the fiction Concierge, is about a hotel concierge. “It is a mix between Dexter and Fantasy Island, a project that was born from the original content of Anjanette Delgado. It is a format that can be produced both globally and locally. We will be looking for partners at MIP Cancun.”