Spanglish Movies expands Spanglish Studios to include film distribution in LatAm

April 5, 2024

Maribel Ramos-Weiner

Producer Jonnathan Meléndez, José Guillermo Cortines, Adelisa Pantaleón, Juan Luis Guerra, the stars Joy and Luis Fonsi, Karen Martínez, and director Jean Gabriel Guerra during the presentation of Capitán Avispa

Spanglish Movies, a company leader in Spanish-language film distribution in the US, announced the expansion of Spanglish Studios to include film distribution to Latin America.

The expansion aims to release independent commercial films in Latin American cinemas and Latin American blockbusters in the US, strengthening the international market presence of the region’s cinema.

Spanglish Studios will be led by Pepe Victoria and Gustavo Aparicio, along with a team of experts in film distribution. Victoria brings extensive film distribution experience in Latin America, while Aparicio and his theatrical marketing team provide value through their multiple audiovisual content licensing and monetization units.

Spanglish Studios has already started to work with Angel Studios on the films After Death and The Shift and is about to release the animated film Capitán Avispa, created and produced by Juan Luis Guerra and starring Luis Fonsi, Joy and Juanes. Its upcoming releases in 2024 include the rom-com Perdiendo el Juicio and Todas Menos Tú, the comedies El Heredero and Asuntos Pendientes del Más Allá, the drama Sisters, the family hit Daniel El Travieso, the corrido Mi Gallo, and a festival of films by horror produced by VCHannel.

Spanglish Studios is also exploring collaboration opportunities with Hollywood studios and streaming platforms to expand the reach of Latin American productions.

“Spanglish Studios marks an important milestone for the Latin American film industry, with a team of experts, a solid relationship with the film circuits in each Latin  American country and the US, and a clear vision of the media structure to promote films in cinemas. The new distribution unit is ready to take the regional cinema to new heights and consolidate its presence in the international market,” said Aparicio and Victoria.

They added that the expansion of Spanglish Studios represents a big opportunity for cinema circuits, film producers, and content integrators in Latin America. The new distribution unit will allow Latin American films to reach a broader audience in the US and boost the region’s film industry, encouraging the creation of high-quality content and attracting international investments.